• Lessons with Andrea Buffum, call for times
  • Men's Ladder, call to join in

Squash Ladder Rules

  • You may challenge any player up to three places above you on the ladder.
  • You cannot challenge the same player twice in any one calendar month.
  • If you beat the challenged player you move above them on the ladder, if you do not beat them the order remains unchanged.
  • If the player being challenged loses they are entitled to seek an immediate return challenge if they so wish.
  • If you challenge a player three times in one calendar month, and they do not accept any of the challenges, for any reason, you move above them on the ladder.
  • All matches are the best of 5 games to 9, conventional scoring.
  • The Dunlop double yellow dot squash ball will be used for all challenge matches unless both players agree otherwise.
  • The cost of court hire will be split between both players.
  • Non-marking shoes must be used at all times.
  • Players are recommended to wear protective goggles.