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Temporary Covid Schedule

A mat class featuring basic Pilates exercises designed to lengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. Also included are basic stretches that will enhance your flexibility and improve your posture.
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An hour of strength and resistance training exercises. The class is designed to increase muscle tone, strength and endurance. Come learn proper use of free weights, stability balls and resistance tubing while adding variety to your work out.
Muscle Mix
A fun but challenging mix of low impact cardio & strength training exercises appropriate for all fitness levels.  It's a great way to start the day!
Fit Over Fifty
A high energy challenging mix of cardio, plyo metrics, muscle and core strengthening, designed to push you to your limits.
A challenging aerobic workout designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness and the overall muscle tone of your legs.
Learn to relax and remove stress through a variety of poses, stretches. Increase breathing and flexibility as well as your muscle tone.


Fitness Director ~ Gloria White

Gloria White is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Gloria teaches a variety of classes and is a Personal trainer for all ages, she also specializes in injury recovery programs.


WHEN:  Available NOW


WHAT:  New open fitness training space.


Along with our new space we are proud to announce our new fitness initiative:

ScitFit and ScitFit Jr.

Geared toward small group fitness and sports training. Our staff will cover anything from weight training exercises to a boot camp style fitness class.

Cost (per hour): 


Private - $60

Semi - $40/person

Group of 3 or 4 - $30/person

Group of 6 - $20/person


How:  Plan your group and book it at the desk by calling or in person!  Want us to plan your group for you?  No problem!  Our instructors already have sessions forming for all ages, levels and fitness goals!


One non-member is allowed in groups of 3 or more people at an extra $10 fee/hour.

Not sure about it for yourself?  Grab a friend and give it a try!

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